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ACR & HP Performance Analyser

The ClimaCheck PA-PRO, available as a ClimaCheck Portable or Fixed DIN-Rail solution, provides a complete analysis of every operating parameter of any type of Air Conditioning, Close Control, Refrigeration or Heat Pump System, running any refrigerant type.

"The ClimaCheck patented technology is based on fundamental energy relationships and thermo-physical data for refrigerants."

The refrigeration process is continually analysed with ClimaCheck Software within your PC or via the ClimaCheck Web Server. The ClimaCheck Internal Method accurately calculates refrigeration system performance using temperature, pressure and power measurements and was first patented in 1986.

ClimaCheck is designed to be easily transported for field calls.

ClimaCheck PA-PRO in the Field...

Mike Creamer, founder of Business Edge Ltd, has been using ClimaCheck for some years now. Mike is well-known throughout the AC&R Industry for his technical ability and has written over 140 Technical Articles, including the MasterClass-Air Conditioning Technology Series, that stills runs today within the ACR News Journal after 13 years! (Note-You can find the Series here on our Website in the MasterClass documents)

The consultancy team's services are frequently required to resolve site and equipment related defects and, as a result of our experience in manufacturing, design, electronic control systems, refrigerants, software engineering and so on, we are able to detect and rectify problems on almost any type of system.

Whilst Mike and his team might be accomplished AC&R Doctors, a Doctor requires the best tools available for his work.

ClimaCheck PA-PRO

ClimaCheck Software and ClimaCheck Performance Analyser Pro

The ClimaCheck portable or fixed installation Logger and Software allows you to document system performance via the Internal Method for virtually every type of compressor-driven cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump system. ClimaCheck is often used over the entire life of the A/C or refrigeration system. For example:

• By the manufacturer during the initial Product and System R&D Phase
• Initial Site Commissioning
• Regular Site Inspections via Service & Maintenance Visits
• Trouble-Shooting / Fault-Finding
• Mandatory Performance Inspections & Energy Optimisation

EU-Regulation requires that all air-conditioning systems above 12 kW are “Performance Inspected”. Documented measurement using ClimaCheck provides a sound, consistent and accurate basis for these inspections, whilst also allowing fault and loss of refrigerant detection and plant optimisation, including:

• Expansion Valve adjustments
• Refrigerant charge checking and correction
• Calculation and adjustment of air and water flow rates, temperatures, pressures and more

This technique has been verified by manufacturers, universities, testing institutes and Refrigeration Technicians & Engineers across many thousands of field trials and installed application measurements. During 2006, the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm conducted an extensive Survey of 164 Performance Inspections using the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser as the basis for deriving accurate and consistent refrigeration system performance data.

Mike Creamer using ClimaCheck

Where necessary, ClimaCheck enables our technicians to see literally every key and relevant parameter during system start-up, running and shut-down cycles. This enables us to view the precise behaviour of the system and its control behaviour. We are then able to diagnose system defects, which we then immediately set about rectifying.

We can adjust refrigerant charge, expansion valve superheat, control parameters of Electronic Expansion Valves, Head Pressure-Low Ambient Control settings, control deadbands and more.

Mike states "ClimaCheck enables me to "see" what's happening throughout the A/C or Refrigeration System. If you can see it, you can fix it!

Moreover, since ClimaCheck shows every parameter in graphical, tabular and system schematic formats, it is an ideal on-the-job training tool for the young developing AC&R Engineer. I believe this technology will transform the lives of our future Engineers, making their work far more valued, effective and enjoyable. Moreover, they will do a better job more rapidly than before whilst issuing the End-User with a meaningful and accurate Report.

Most importantly, they will be able to optimise plant efficiency, increase its reliability, reduce energy costs for the End User and reduce CO2 emmissions in one profitable move!"

Revolutionary technology

ClimaCheck can establish the performance of any type of air conditioning or refrigeration system, including Cooling (or Heat Pump) Capacity, Power Input, COP, Compressor Isentropic Efficiency, Superheat, Sub-Cooling, Refrigerant Charge Status and so on, without the need to establish airflow / water flow rates, air / water entering / leaving conditions!

Indeed, since ClimaCheck can record the entering and leaving water temperatures at both an evaporator and condenser, the cooling capacity and total heat rejection values can then be used to calculate the water / air flow rates!.

ClimaCheck is available as a Portable Performance Analyser
or as a Permanently Installed Performance Analyser.

Portable Performance Analyser - can be connected to most systems within 20 – 30 minutes and the results displayed in Tabular Worksheet, Graphical or System Schematic Formats. Results can be read at 1sec, 5sec, 30sec or 60sec intervals.

Permanently Installed Performance Analyser - a DIN-Rail Mounted Module, including Power Meter and Current Transformers, thus enabling the Plant to be consulted locally via a Notebook PC or via a direct Broadband Connection for local / remote communications. In addition, the ClimaCheck system can be supplied with a MODEM, SIM Card and Telephone Account to enable remote communications to be managed on a wireless basis. Finally, ClimaCheck can be programmed to issue specific text warning messages to a mobile phone. One major supermarket has started using this ClimaCheck format to monitor all their new CO2 and CO2/R134a Refrigeration Pack Installations, each of different configuration, for comparison purposes.

The product has been evaluated and Certified by the Swedish Institute of Technology and was also a Highly Commended Product at the Industry Cooling Awards under the Field Service Innovation Category. ClimaCheck also won the Refrigeration Product of the Year Category at the ACR News Awards in February 2009.

Business Edge have used ClimaCheck for over 3 years now on a number of special projects, which have centred around trouble-shooting, arbitration, legal cases, etc., and have also used succesfully it for Servicing & Commissioning Visits on DX, VRV and Water Chiller installations up to 1500kW Capacity.

ClimaCheck Systems have been purchased by Tesco (for CO2 Trans-Critical Systems Development), Eaton Williams (1 for Service Dept + 1 for Product R&D), Excalibur (Chiller Energy Analysis), Elyo Services (Service & Maintenance Division), Powrmatic (Heat Pump Development) and many others.

Useful ClimaCheck Documentation can be found here.

Mike Creamer deploying the ClimaCheck system to analyse performance of external air conditioning units.
Easily transported for field calls
PA Pro - Portable ACR Analyser
What's in the box?

ClimaCheck PA Pro, Performance Analyser. Self-Contained Kit for Field Use.

Product Includes:

Complete ClimaCheck™ PA Pro, Performance Analyser in Rugged Carry Case for field use.

Also supplied within the carry case:

1 off Pressure Transmitter 35bar(g)
1 off Pressure Transmitter 10bar(g)
2 off Pressure Transmitter Cables
8 off Temperature Sensor
1 off Power Transformer with Display
3 off Current Clamps 100:1A (approx max 60kW)
4 off Voltage Cable
3 off Voltage Probe Red
1 off Voltage Probe Black
3 off Cables current
1 off 12VDC power supply
1 off Network "Patch" cable 3 m
1 set mounting material

ClimaCheck™ Software - Standard Version.

The potential benefits to the air conditioning and refrigeration business from use of the ClimaCheck system are numerous.
The solution delivers certainty when installing ACR & HP devices, together with ongoing analysis of the system. Similarly the remote analysis software tools deliver the potential for savings in both time and money for service engineers.

To find out how ClimaCheck can benefit and potentially grow your ACR business, contact us and speak to one of our ClimaCheck technicians.

Complete ClimaCheck™ PA Pro, Performance Analyser in Rugged Carry Case for field use.
ClimaCheck Presentation

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To find out more about how ClimaCheck can benefit your business, contact us or speak to one of our technical team on: 023 9223 0007

Take a look at our Building Services 2015 Check List and ACR System Optimisation information.

Dent Ro Coil
The DENT Ro Coil mVTMFlexible Current Transformers have been designed for accurate measurement of AC current with a safe, millivolt output.

View PDF DataSheet

Dent Powerscout Diagnostics

New “coil” power meter
ClimaCheck launches Power meter with Rogowski coils that offer a unique flexibility as the coils can be mounted where access with a conventional current clamp may be impossible.

New Low pressure sensors
ClimaCheck introduce a low pressure sensor with a range adapted to R-123 and other low pressure applications. The range of these sensors are -0.7 to 5 Bar(g). Obviously this sensor has the ClimaCheck special design with a very reliable Teflon™ O-ring instead of rubber seals or copper washers (which are challenging to mount without risk of leakage).

ClimaCheck's unique performance analysis method has now been further enhanced with sub efficiencies deviation analysis.

System Efficiency Index
Sub efficiencies highlight deviations from ideal performance of each component in the system and can trigger alarms long before any decrease of performance can be noted by the user.

View PDF DataSheet

ClimaCheck just got even better...
ClimaCheck Wireless FLTA System
The base station has two ways of communicating with the PA Pro, either by RS485 Modbus or by 8 individual analogue outputs.

The FLTA is the “Master” in the wireless net and several transmitters (slaves/ nodes) may be used in every net.

View PDF DataSheet

Wireless FLTA System
Energy Efficiency
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