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CAD drawings covering AHU’s, roof plant layouts, distribution ductwork systems and chilled water pipework.

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ClimaCheck ACR Analysis
ClimaCheck ACR Analysis

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Mike Creamer's extensive experience with Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and mechanical engineering for almost 40 years is complimented by a highly experienced team of AC&R professionals that complete the Business Edge Consultancy Team.

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Mike Creamer supervising an install of a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Multi-Split system.

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Design and Consultancy

Business Edge have engineered the design and selection of equipment and systems to suit a variety of special projects during the last 10 years. A good example of this work is the temperature and humidity control system for the Ovaltine product manufacturing plant. Some of our projects have involved the following:

• Accurate calculation of sensible and latent heat gains to the manufacturing area.

• Conceptual design of cooling, heating and dehumidification plant including special filtration requirements.

• Utilisation of site well water to perform partial free cooling/dehumidification.

• Technical liaison with Weatherite Limited for the production of custom Air Handling Units.

• Calculations and design of rigid ducted supply return distribution system including the utilisation of soft ducting.

• CAD drawings covering AHU’s, roof plant layouts, distribution ductwork systems and chilled water pipework.

Arbitration Services - Our independence is key

Since Business Edge Limited is neither a Contractor nor a Manufacturer, we are ideally positioned as a neutral organisation to conduct Arbitration work, where a dispute may have arisen between Contractor, Main Contractor, Manufacturer and the End User.

Field Trouble Shooting & Supervision

Given our extensive Air Conditioning and Refrigeration experience in Design and Manufacturing, coupled with our abilities as Instructors in Refrigerant Safe Handling and Brazing Certification, we are ideally suited to conducting Specialist Troubleshooting work and performing Supervisory roles for the reworks of specialist equipment where problems have occurred.
A small selection of our consultancy tasks in brief as follows...

Ice Machine Monitoring

Mike was recently asked to analyse an ice maker in order to determine its performance before and after the application of a special energy saving product. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to closely monitor all the key parameters of the ice maker and then draw comparison on a before/after basis to determine if the energy saving product had indeed brought about any significant and measurable improvement.

Of particular interest, was the stable flat line temperature measure by ClimaCheck during the ice making phase where the temperature of the water/ice stays perfectly stable at 0°C whilst the latent heat of fusion is extracted. This in fact was a good test for demonstrating ClimaCheck’s temperature sensing and monitoring accuracy, this also being the case where precise pressure measurements and power input measurements are also derived.

Catastrophic failure of a large chiller at Processing Plant.

During a recent catastrophic failure of a large water chiller at a Food Processing Plant within only 7 weeks of operation, Business Edge were retained to determine the cause of the failure and to provide consultancy and guidance on the reworking and recommissioning of the Water Chiller and associated services. During this inspection work, Mike noted that a standby chiller had been hired and put into service, this being connected by flexible hoses to the existing water/monopropylene glycol circuit in order to serve a number of large air handling units over the production floor. In order to ensure that the rental chiller was performing efficiently and reliably, Mike decided to apply the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser in order to carefully view the running condition of the machine. The results were indeed very surprising, when considering that all looked normal when listening to the two very large 300kW Bitzer Scroll Compressors.

Expansion Valve Gives the Game Away
In reality, the expansion valve superheat control was extremely wild with similar fluctuations being caused in sub-cooling at the condenser. It was immediately clear that the TEV required urgent attention. Once undertaken, an engineer can then determine if indeed the wild superheat behaviour is as a result of a defective or incorrectly set expansion valve or indeed if the thermal load of the chiller is fluctuating wildly due to erratic water flow rates. Ironically, it was indeed inadequate water flow rate, coupled with other factors, which caused the destruction of the primary water chiller which Mike was there to investigate.

Minus 28 Degrees Centigrade Cold Room Pack Malfunction

This troubleshooting project was based around a blood/plasma storage facility which had been newly designed and installed. Two unit coolers were employed with interlaced coils each unit cooler having 50% of its circuit being served by a single pack in order to provide 100% standby (N+1). At low load conditions and during start up, the packs and controls were seen to be behaving erratically. Each pack comprised of 2 fixed speed Copeland Compressors and a single digital scroll to provide capacity control. Heat rejection was via Air Cool Condensers located approx 40 meters from the cold room, with a liquid receiver in circuit.

Climacheck was used to analyse all performance variables.
Standby chiller was throrougly analysed before introduction to the system.
If ClimaCheck had been used for commissioning a regular service of the original and brand new machine, expensive failure could have been avoided.

Whilst watching the plant during these low load conditions, it was clear from temperature recorders that the store condition was being lost. Moreover, it was becoming extremely urgent for the installer to get the pack into operation in order to meet the end user client’s critical deadlines for production.

Consequently, we were called in to assist the engineers in determining the cause of the problem in order to bring about a rapid and satisfactory solution. Following an initial visit by Business Edge Commissioning Manager, Philip Chambers, a special ClimaCheck template was created specifically suited to the refrigeration circuitry of this installation.

The refrigeration circuit included oil separation and oil management control to each compressor and an economiser circuit for sub cooling liquid refrigerant entering the main T.E.V. With ClimaCheck in operation, Mike was able to see the behaviour of absolutely every element of the system including its cooling capacity, C.O.P, evaporating temperature, condensing temperature and the superheat at both the main T.E.V. and the economiser T.E.V. From this he was then able to deduce the cause of the problem, which related to the behaviour of each E.E.V. (Electronic Expansion Valves) at the evaporator’s, coupled with the arrangement of the unit coolers where discharged air from each was being directed and drawn into the inlet of the opposing evaporator causing sporadic E.E.V. control.

The controls were arranged to work off a single sensor and the problem was resolved.

Climacheck uncovered sporadic E.E.V. control and was quickly resolved.

If you are a building owner or building services manager concerned about the performance of air conditioning or refrigeration systems or embarking on the design of building environmental control systems, Business Edge are here to help.

For a practical discussion about your challenges and how we can help call: 023 9223 0007 or email us at:

Alternatively, Contact Us using our contact form and one of our consultancy team will be in touch at your convenience.

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