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Mike Creamer – Personal History

Mike has been involved with Air Conditioning & Refrigeration and mechanical engineering for almost 40 years and this work has been connected with a wide range of activities ranging from application engineering, design, research and development, engineering training, troubleshooting, consultancy, software engineering development and more. He has held a wide number of posts, most of which have been engineering-based, managerial, sales & marketing, quality director, managing director and so on.

In the mid-80’s Mike became heavily involved in the technical development of Variable Speed Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems aimed at reducing energy consumption through increased efficiency whilst providing precision temperature control, high reliability and reduced service and maintenance costs.

Business Edge Limited

Mike incorporated Business Edge Limited in January 1990 to develop advanced refrigeration and air conditioning technologies; however this goal was delayed due to Mike’s involvement with the development of electronic control systems and technology training (watch this space for news on the development of something special!).

Mike was joined in Business Edge by a Software Engineer to enable the development of software for the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. This development work resulted in the Quantum suite of professional heat gain/loss calculation software, which continues to be sold today, and selection software for various manufacturers of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment. Business Edge continues to support its Quantum Suite of Software Programs whilst distributing a range of ACR Software Products from other developers.


Whilst running and developing the company, Mike delivered a massive amount of courses across the UK including Technical Training and Assessment Courses from 1990 until 1999. A that time Mike was joined by Kelvin Kelly (F. Inst. R).

Kelvin was previously Training and Health & Safety Manager at LEC Refrigeration. Kelvin’s brief at the time was to ease the burden on Mike and take over all aspects of running the Training Department to allow him to concentrate on a variety of projects. Kelvin and the team of Trainers and Assessors have subsequently continued Mike’s excellent work, to the same high standards!

The company is one of the top training providers and their customer base in this regard is simply enormous. This training encompasses end users, supermarkets, main contractors, air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump contractors, manufacturers, the armed forces and design/consulting engineers. 

Business Edge Ltd was also heavily involved with the creation of the Cskills F Gas Course and is the main contributor to the F Gas Technical Manual. Over the last decade, the Training Division has also been involved in a variety of Environmental Projects across Europe including the implementation of F Gas Assessments in Italy in conjunction with Centro Studi Galileo in Milan. Other projects have involved the training of representatives of Governmental Departments from Romania, Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia and Armenia.

ClimaCheck Performance Analyser

Business Edge is the sole UK Distributor of the ClimaCheck Performance Analyser.  Originally developed in Sweden and approved and certified by the Swedish Institute of Technology, this product is wholly unique in that it is the only device that can be connected to any type of air conditioning or refrigeration system to enable instantaneous diagnosis of the operating conditions and, most importantly, the cooling (or heating) capacity, power input, coefficient of performance (COP), compressor isentropic efficiency and so on.

The portable ClimaCheck product can be connected to any type of system within 15-20 minutes. Results are available in tabular or graphical form and are easily exported to Excel for further analysis and calculation. ClimaCheck is also available as a permanently installed system that can then be interrogated either by cabled Internet connection or via remote GPRS communications. ClimaCheck is installed on trans-critical C02 systems for supermarkets such as Tesco to enable remote monitoring of capacity, efficiency and the general well-being of the plant.

Given the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD), it is clear that ClimaCheck will become a powerful tool for air conditioning contractors, manufacturers, FM companies and energy efficiency consultants.

The marriage of our Quantum Software with the ClimaCheck technology places Business Edge in a very unique position to tackle energy related issues where air conditioning & refrigeration systems are concerned.

Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

For over a decade now, Mike’s expertise has been called upon to resolve numerous problematical installations where equipment fails to function correctly or where catastrophic failures have occurred. He has frequently been appointed to act as technical expert with the responsibility of determining the causes of equipment failure, organising reworks, re-commissioning and also arbitrating the share of repair costs by allocating responsibility.  Mike has successfully worked as a technical expert for the major international AC&R manufacturing companies including those from Japan. In one instance, he contributed substantially to the winning of a technically-based complex dispute resulting in full and fair settlement to the extent of £1.7M. Mike has at his disposal a dedicated team who specialise in all levels of design, technical calculations, brazing and system retrofitting, etc.

Master Class - Air Conditioning Technology Series

Mike has written approximately 150 Technical Articles for the Trade Press over the last 25 years. He has written several Trouble-Shooter articles for ACR Today Journal and most notably, the Air Conditioning Technology Master-Class Series and the Edge Files in other industry publications. 

Electronic Controls Systems Development

Mike has also been responsible for the development of approximately 40 electronic controls products, manufactured in the UK for AC&R OEM’s, contributing ideas to enhance the performance, reliability and energy efficiency of AC&R equipment.

Business Edge Field Services

The company is regularly called upon to resolve a wide range of technical problems and the services it provides include diagnosis of serious water chiller compressor and evaporator failures, multi-split system failures and cooling/heating performance issues, control problems and much more.

System Cleansing & Flushing

Where a serious compressor motor burn-out has corrupted a refrigeration circuit or where circuits are flooded with water following evaporator fracture, the Business Edge team offers the specialist FRI3OIL machine and the associated training or uses its own FRI3OIL machines and Engineers to carry out the work.

This technology uses the system refrigerant (or additional refrigerant) to flush and completely cleanse the system circuits of oil, acid, water and particulate matter. It is thus ideally suited for retrofit refrigerant/oil applications as well as resolving serious system corruption, which would otherwise necessitate complete system replacement or the replacement of many expensive components.

The Future

Business Edge Ltd continue to evolve and innovate within the Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat Pump industries, and over the coming months there are major announcements planned in Engineering Development, Training and Performance Analysis to mention but a few.

For further information on these developments or to see more details on our products and services please call us on 023 9223 0007 or contact us here.

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The Alan Moor Award 2014
Mike Creamer

I was absolutely amazed and of course naturally overwhelmed at receiving this highly prestigious industry award. I had rather thought I might be a contender at some time in my life but probably not for another 20 years or so!

It is certainly my intention to continue working even though I am now 66 years old as I have many things that I wish to achieve for the benefit of the industry and users of AC&R worldwide."

Mike Creamer

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