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CITB Heat Pump Installer Manual

This is an extremely comprehensive 242-page manual covering all relevant topics.

The manual also contains self-assessment sections to enable you to test your skill level and very comprehensive fault finding. Included within this all-encompassing 242 page manual are a number of helpful technical illustrations and tables.

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The reference manual covers the following topics:

• Marketing
• Cost Estimating of heat pump heating systems
• Payback calculations
• Environmental relevance of heat pumps
• F-gas regulations
• Thermal comfort
• Heat pump cycle
• Refrigeration system element
• COP and Carnot efficiency
• Building heat loss calculation
• Selection of heat pump to meet building load
• Heat distribution and heat emitters
• Passive Cooling
• Buffer Tanks
• Design and sizing of hydraulic networks
• Brine system
• Ground water
• Electrical basics and electrical safety
• Wiring diagrams

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