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Staying ahead of industry challenges can be a full time job.
That's why we've created our simple Check List below, so you can be sure of a smooth transition from your AC&R responsibilities today to those in the future.

1. R22 Refrigerant Discontinued
Systems using R22 that require invasive servicing or repair must undergo complete refrigerant R22 removal and deep system cleansing before introducing the alternative refrigerant.

2. Compulsory Leak Detection
All refrigeration systems with a refrigerant charge equivalent to 500 Tons of CO2 require a 24/7 permanent leak detection system. For example 500 Tons CO2 = 128kg R404A or 282kg R407C and 350kg R134a, with higher GWP refrigerants being the most affected.

3. Flammable Refrigerants
From Jan 2015 an increasing number of equipment manufacturers will be offering flammable refrigerants. Are you ready?

4. Electrical Certification
17th IET Edition Wiring Regulations have been updated with amendment 3 - now available.

We have solutions for all of the above challenges.
Contact one of our Technical Team to learn more.

Recognised as one of the UK's leading air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump specialists, Business Edge are working with manufacturers, contractors and end users to ensure absolute optimal performance from all environmental control systems.

In almost 100% of cases, our Health Check Analysis shows potential for improvements in efficiency and energy savings, on occasion up to and beyond 40%!

• Our ACR&HP Health Check is completely non-invasive.

• We can work with your existing contractor.

• Data will be provided to demonstrate and verify potential energy savings.

How much money does a saving of 40% energy consumption represent to you?

Per month, per year, over 5 years?

Even modest air conditioning systems can consume £000's of energy per month!

For a practical discussion about your challenges and to find out more about our AC&R Health Check call: 023 9223 0007 or email us at:

Alternatively, Contact Us using our contact form and one of our consultancy team will be in touch at your convenience.

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