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Simple interface delivers desktop office application together with mobile app

More than simply CRM - Quantum Office Suite is the perfect solution for small and medium business owners who are ready to move on from the disconnected world of Word, Excel and Outlook. Everyone has experienced the frustrations of 'data silo' restrictions when simply trying to get the job done.

Never again be without critical client data because a member of staff has left the office with the laptop. Never again be without important project information when out on a field or sales call. The QoS cloud configuration keeps all of your data securely up to date and all of your staff connected, wherever they be and on whatever device they may wish to use.

The security of your business data is guarenteed together with the potential for massive time saving.

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Quantum Office Suite CRM Software

Fully integrated ECRM Software for SME's. Quantum Office Suite CRM delivers everything for managing your business needs including: customer accounts, invoicing, project management, quotations, email campaigns and much more. QoS is available as individual modules and supports desktop Mac and PC platforms together with iPad and iPhone support for field work and remote working.

• All of your business information in a single safe place - Supports 250 users

• Create products and services records and quickly send PDF datasheets via integrated email

• Manage Events, time billing, expenses and personnel information

Flexible purchase or monthly leasing together with the ability to purchase the complete suite of tools or choose 5 or more modules that best suit your business needs.

In order to make the first step to your automated office solution as simple as possible, we have flexible purchase and hire options plus the ability to only purchase the modules your business requires*.

All new QoS customers recieve one full day Skype training (split into 2 half days) free of charge to ensure you maximise your investment from day one. Your CRM business system will be setup and configured to your requirements and existing data from Excel can be imported into your database.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 7 & 8
Mac OSX 10.7 and above.

Mobile app for iPad and iPhone.

Plus Web Browser support.

Demo the full system for 30 days.

Request Demo Software
Module Pricing
Desktop PC/Mac
iPad and iPhone application FREE

*Lease costs are monthly payments for the duration of useage, minimum lease term is 12 months.
*Minimum of 5 modules must be included in your solution.
Purchase is a 'one off' fee and can be split over 4 monthly payments.

Free Startup Support for 30 days.
Ongoing 24/7 support is £90 per month.

Complete System

Optional Sage integration
Single payment

Application license per user.
Contact our sales team for
advice on the QoS CRM modules.

Quantum Office Suite CRM Module Overview

Module 1 – Company Accounts
Record the company’s that you do business with in the Company Accounts module. Shipping and Billing Address fields together with VAT, Sage data, invoices, quotes, projects, activities etc.

Module 2 – Contacts
The Contact Module allows for extensive data to be recorded for individual persons. Contacts can be assigned categories and associated with a Company Account. All contact activity within other modules such as Projects, Event attendance and Invoicing are available together with notes, email communication and letter template.

Module 3 – Events Management
Create and promote Events that can be custom or linked to a Product. Multiple day events can easily be managed together with tools to record delegates and venues. Pricing can be set for the full event and also for individual days.

Module 4 – Calendar
The Calendar module opens in a new window leaving your current work-space intact. Events and Activities (To Do Items) are automatically listed on the Calendar, which can be viewed as company or individual entries. Custom entries are easily entered and can be colour coded as required.

Module 5 – Activities
Adding a new Activity or To Do Item is quick and simple. Activities can be shown on the Calendar and can be assigned or related to a particular Company Account, Contact, Project or Staff Member. The Activity module also opens in a new window to maintain the existing work-space.

Module 6 – Documents and Images
This module provides a space for your business to store digital documents that may be part of general working practise or related to a particular Project, Company Account or Contact.

Module 7 – Product Database
Product information can easily be stored and retrieved using the Product Module. Assign multiple categories and link individual products or services to Events and manage inventory levels. Associate cost, sell price and Documents together with fields for populating product information for PDF creating and product specific email template.

Module 8 – Research
A simple module for recording research information that includes simple copy and paste document container and 4 web site URL fields together with description text area.

Module 9 – Personnel Records
Maintain your company personnel records and information on 3rd party suppliers, contractors and consultants. Each personnel record display related Projects, Timesheets, Expenses records and associated Activities.

Module 10 – Project Management
The Project Module is the central source for relating multiple activities that may comprise all manner of project types. Assign start and end dates together with associated Company Account, Key Contact and Key Staff Member. The Project screen shows an overview of key financial data including Invoice and payment data, costs and profits together with revenue received. All related data to the project can be quickly accessed including Communication and Notes, Quotes, Invoices, Activities, Timesheets, Expenses, associated Documentation and milestones.

Module 11 – Estimating / Quotes
Quickly and efficiently generate quotes by selecting existing products from your Product Library or custom line entries. Quotes can be associated to Projects, Company Accounts, Contacts and Staff Members. Costs and profits can be assessed via the onscreen chart as you add line items and finished quotes can be emailed or printed out directly from the module. Quickly generate and Invoice from any Quote.

Module 12 – Timesheets – Billing
A simple module to record staff time billing. Time sheet records can be associated to a Staff Member, Project and department.

Module 13 – Expenses
Record expense types, payment methods and relate to Projects, Company Account and Staff Members.

Module 14 – Sales – Invoicing
Invoices can be quickly generated from the Quotations Module or created and populated with individual lines items from your Products Module or custom line entries. Create associations to Company Account records, Contacts and Projects together with shipping, billing and payment information. The Invoicing module handles all standard tax codes, VAT and can be integrated with Sage if required. Summary charts display sales and profits per month or year and invoice records can quickly be emailed or printed. A custom invoice letterhead will be created for your solution.

Call our sales team on
023 9223 0007
to discuss your business needs.
Example Lease Package for Service Engineers


2 x office PC/Mac Applications

3 x iPads users - field engineers

7 x iPhone users

Lease for only
£187 per month

Add Projects & Expenses for an additional £40 per month.

Full system lease: £317 per month

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